Five Solid Reasons to Take Authentic Ageing's
Suddenly A Senior Workshop

     1) You’re no sissy, but this getting older stuff has its challenging moments, and you need some answers! 

     2) You're not ready to slow down yet because you still have very real dreams and desires to fulfill.

     3) You’re wondering how to handle all these ageing changes. There’s got to be a saner, calmer way!

     4) Your perspective about being a senior could use an attitude adjustment, some understanding, and a shift to an optimistic point of view.

     5) You seek a peaceful and fulfilling senior quarter of life but you’re still nervous about ageing.

Bonus Reason 5a) You’re human and humans get older.

Bonus Reason 5b) You’ll be pleased to find others think and feel just like you.

The Suddenly A Senior Workshop has been accepted by two lifelong learning organizations: The Enrichment Academy in The Villages, FL and Master the Possibilities, Top of the World in Ocala, FL.


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Suddenly A Senior Workshop