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Why Be Grateful Every Day?

We all live life one day at a time. Geesh, you could say we all live moment to moment. We can’t go back to yesterday nor jump ahead to tomorrow. We live in the proverbial present moment, probably reflecting about something from the past or speculating on something in the future. It can be downright distracting from being in the present.

OK, can we all agree that the only place you can have an affect on anything is in the present moment? Good. Only in the right “now” can you choose to turn left or right, to continue to read this article or not, or to implement a new course of action.

The world can be a very distracting place, especially these days. With so much happening and so many distractions, it’s challenging to stay present. One moment seems to lead mindlessly to the next moment and before you know it it’s been an hour of moments.

Here’s a little technique I’ve been working on to see if I can remain in the present more of the time. You can use it too. I know that only in the “now” can I cause anything to happen. So, what can I do to stay in the present moment, away from the past and out of the world of what if’s?

If I am fully aware of my thoughts I might have a better chance of staying present. So, why not occupy my mind by seeking things to be grateful for? I’ve found that being grateful for something demands that you be in the present moment. Why? Because you must feel that appreciation and gratitude, and feelings can only be felt right now.

Well, there it is, a simple method to staying present in the moment - actively seeking things for which to be grateful.

Why gratitude? Being grateful has so many side benefits. With gratitude you tend to be looking for things that are positive, good, and uplifting. It nurtures your soul and elevates your sense of inner peace. And, if you look hard enough you can find something to be grateful for in just about anything. By looking all the time you are forced to remain in the present. Mission accomplished.

Gratitude is a state of being, a condition of your existence. If you make being grateful a way of life you’ll find the good and the positive in all that happens. Each experience, no matter what it is, adds to your life’s fulfillment. You’ll always feel fulfilled, happy, and thankful. With practice, it will take very little effort on your part to stay present and in gratitude.

How do you stay grateful? You work at it. Nothing of value comes at the snap of your fingers (although we wish it could). Start by wanting to be in a state of gratitude, knowing that it’s a desirable place to be. Remind yourself to be present to the things around you and the gratitude you feel because of them. Take a tip from the book “The Secret” and carry with you a gratitude stone. Every time you touch the stone find something to be grateful for.

Yours in gratitude every day.


Rick Lelchuk lives in North Central Florida and is the author and facilitator of the Authentic Ageing Workshops. “Suddenly A Senior” Workshop is now available online. His mission is to transform the way we think about growing old to one of awed acceptance and inner peace. (Learn more here.)

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