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Welcome Everyone to Authentic Ageing!

In this opening blog I’m going to share a couple of things with you:

Who I am?

What Authentic Ageing* does? And…

Most importantly, Is It for You?

Let’s do these in reverse order.

So, what IS in it for you? Why would you want to come back here, follow and participate? Let me ask you a question…

Do any of these apply to you, or someone you know?

- Have you looked in the mirror recently and wondered, “Who’s that?”

- Do you have a certain unpleasant point of view about growing older?

(Like, it’s here already? How’d that happen?)

- Are you secretly stressed about being a senior or ageing?

(Wondering about what’s going to happen?)

- Do you still wish you had done things differently years ago?

- Do you wonder if changing that thinking will change your life outlook?

(How’s that even possible?)

Does anything ring a bell?

In the workshop we gently guide you to realize the benefits and joys of living these precious latter years fully. There is an exercise designed to help you give up, once and for all, those pesky regrets, resentments and grudges. Can you think of a life going forward without those anchors and into a world with senior inner peace and tranquility, and wisdom? And, there is much, much more.

This new website and new blog is here to support Authentic Ageing as is develops and grows! It’s exciting to say the least! Periodically in the blog I’ll be sharing insights and intriguing thoughts about growing older in the 21st Century. It’s all intended to put a new and positive twist on ageing.

Oh, and about me

Let me sum it up by this one sentence: My mission at Authentic Ageing is to change people’s point of view about growing old from one of apprehension and fear to one of eager anticipation and awe. (If you want to know more about me check out the About section.)

Look through the site, understand that as of July 1, 2019 it’s new.

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A couple of housekeeping items -

What this blog is NOT

Let me tell you what this site is NOT. It does not promote insurance protection, financial planners, health advocacy or anything like that. Although we whole heartedly encourage you to have “all your ducks in a row”, you won’t find anyone promoting a brand or service here. No, here’s what Authentic Ageing is all about…

Workshop Locations

Currently the workshops are giving in and around The Villages, Florida. There are plans in the works to bring the workshops to the Internet so that location is irrelevant.

*Ageing vs Aging

According to the dictionary "ageing" is an acceptable spelling. Additionally, with the word "age" spelled out, the word "ageing" honors the purpose and spirit of Authentic Ageing.

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