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The Endless Riddle

I’ve been around for so long I can’t even remember my birth date. It’s nice that everyone knows my name yet almost everyone tries to forget that they do. I’m not a bad guy, just distressingly persistent. I’m a significant part of everyone’s life; those who have lived, those alive today, and those yet to come.

I rule both night and day so I never bet a chance to rest. Weeks and months change because of me and so too the seasons. My influence and dominion over all are absolute and unquestioned. Without me you have no future, nor do you have a past. I can heal all wounds if you’ll let me, including those of the heart. I am a wise mediator allowing for deep insight into every situation.

You’ve never really seen me, nor will you ever. You can measure me, but never control me. You know I’m ever present, always there. You may try to stop me, but you never will, for I can be observed yet remain unseen. I am a relentless power, if I say so myself.

From the moment you wake in the morning you think about me. I’m so popular that you must think about me throughout the day. Some wish to alter me, but I’m too quick to be changed because I am present only for an instant. I am a mystery to the inquisitive mind while being ignored by the foolish. I slip by you sometimes when you are busy, focused, or engaged. And, sometimes I linger, even loiter, mostly when you’re bored or young.

At some point in life you will notice me and wonder how it is that so much of me has gone unnoticed. I leave a trail of clues for you that few recognize, maybe a gray hair or a new wrinkle. The older you get the more prominent I become.

I stop for no one or nothing. Some think I come in abundant measure, but that’s not always the case. You can’t put me on hold because my nature won’t allow it. I always endure but sadly one day not for you.

I’m a bit tricky since I hide the future so you can’t possibly know what is to be. I make it so you can’t change what has already happened. I blur your history so your ego can mold an agreeable story of that history.

I have boundless energy and I keep going no matter what happens. I’m eco-friendly because I need no fuel, take nothing from my surroundings, and leave no waste.

I have no wings, but some say I can fly. Everyone wants more of me, but strangely most just waste me away. I am THE most precious resource commodity you’ll ever have, and I am truly sorry that I can give only what is your allotment, no less, no more. Only destiny knows exactly how much of me there is for you, and you, and you.

Life can never to be put on hold and neither can I. Regardless of what happens I march on. Never has it been more important than right now to be mindful of how much of me you have and how you spend it.

- - - - - - - - - - -

Rick Lelchuk lives in North Central Florida and is the author and facilitator of the Authentic Ageing Workshops. “Suddenly A Senior” Workshop is now available online. His mission is to transform the way we think about growing old to one of awed acceptance and inner peace. (Learn more here.)

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