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Morning Thoughts

Some mornings I wake up feeling like a champ, all ready to take on the day, I feel good about it, and the rest of the day just flows. And, then there are those other mornings when the feeling is more like having gone 10 rounds with the champ and obviously lost.

I wonder what the differences is in which feeling takes charge and dominates the day? Can I influence one over the other? Where does it originate? It starts in that first instant before you’re fully conscious, you know it’s morning, you’re still comfortably snuggled in bed, but the day hasn’t really started yet. Just like the evening has a twilight, so does the morning. It’s waking twilight. It is from this semi-conscious moment that the day gets its flavor, it’s tone.

It’s tricky to catch it before the cascade of regular morning thoughts fill your head. You know you have to get up, you wonder about the weather, and you just remembered something that needs your attention. But wait! I’d suggest you linger in your waking twilight a little bit longer, because if you catch it you get to lay a foundation for a good day, a good day that you trigger right from the get-go.

In the moments that dawn the day you have an opportunity to take immediate control of your thoughts. Lay in bed and starting with first opening your heart, take guidance from your inner center. You could start out simply with “Good morning! Good day! I love you” and then “Today is a good day to have a good day, because I say so.” Of course, you can add numerous other positive affirmations as you get proficient with your waking twilight.

Make it a game to catch those semi-conscious moments. Some mornings the cat or dog, or the alarm is going to snatch that waking twilight from you. It’s OK. It was supposed to happen that way. After you slap the alarm or take care of the dog or cat, there’s no reason why you can’t snatch back that moment and infuse your day with that good foundation.

Those intangible thoughts of ours are really the only things we truly control. The thoughts we have, the thoughts we put into action in the physical world or emotionally, all begin within each of us. So, why not get a jump on it and start each and every day with only positive thoughts. You get to choose your thoughts.

“As I greet this new day, this new magnificent opportunity, may my thoughts be ones of light and love, peace and harmony, compassion and cooperation.”

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Rick Lelchuk lives in North Central Florida and is the author and facilitator of the Authentic Ageing Workshops. “Suddenly A Senior” is now available online. (Learn more here.) His mission is to transform the way we think about growing old to one of awed acceptance and inner peace.

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