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May I Have Your Attention!

Life has a funny way of directing your attention. Things happen when least expected and what you had planned takes a back seat. That’s what happened Monday night.

The third grandson was celebrating his 1st birthday. Like he’s going to remember any of it. But, nonetheless, family gathered, and Lynn and I drove the 400+ miles to the opposite side of Atlanta (more about that in a moment), and we celebrated Nathan’s first birthday.

Of course, we were all on our best behavior. Now, the kids, 4 of them 6 and under, have an excuse for their behavior, I’m not so sure what excuse works for the adults at this gathering.

Blending families can be challenging, to say the least. We bar-be-cued, watch a FSU game and played with the kids, when they weren’t crying, fighting or asking for something to eat. A lot of commotion, a constant din of yelling, laughing and other noises young kids make. The one thing I noticed is that it’s all at maximum decibels.

Love holds it all together.

Our route to and from the family is right through the heart of Atlanta on I-75. Going around on one of the by-passes is a waste and it would make a long drive even longer in Atlanta traffic. People in Atlanta have special knack for driving. It is distinctive if you’re not from the area. Zipping in and out of traffic is the norm and with some roads 6 lanes wide some forget to move over to get off in a timely manner. Makes for an exciting and stressful drive.

All said and done, seeing the grandkids is always fun. Saying good-bye to the grandkids is a mixed feeling affair; sorry to leave their entertaining ways, but grateful to ride away in peaceful silence.

I guess that is why we have children when we’re young; when we have stamina and miles of patience.

As Father Time keeps on ticking away, I’ve noticed some shifts in my patience and participation. The floor is a less appealing place to play. The constant motion is draining. Atlanta is one heck of a big area and not as easy as it once was. How one views these shifts is how happy one will be. Fight them and you’re doomed. Embrace them and you’ve got a fighting chance.

All part of the game. All part of what there is to experience.

Oh, by the way, back to Monday night and the thing that happened to catch our attention. After a fun weekend it was the water on the floor of our bathroom upon our return home. As my old trade show foreman used to say, “Nothing but something to do, sugar!”

Seize the Day! Carp Diem!

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