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If I had only known this when I was younger…

Ever say to yourself, “If I had only known this when I was younger I’d have been rich and charming”?

Sometimes I think we human beings are built up-side-down. No, I don’t mean we should be standing on our heads. I mean we're in a “timeline” where we live our most energetic days with the greatest stamina when we are young and foolish. It’s the opposite when we grow old. We may have greater maturity and wisdom… hopefully, but our bodies aren’t what they used to be. They’re beginning to show the wear and tear.

And, that damned clock just keeps on ticking.

Are we built up-side-down? Let’s look.

What if we lived our lives the other way, always getting younger? You start out as an old person and every day you are getting younger. It’s the reality and future you’re living into – un-ageing.

So you can look forward to a whole lot of things. For instance, you would graduate from wheel-chair bound, to a walker, to a cane and then be steady on your feet. In terms of the growing older timeline, this is good news.

Your mind would start out very slow and, over time, get quicker. Thinking moves from foggy to clearer and clearer.

Your eyesight gets better and so does your hearing. You have more and more stamina and the aches and pains are slowly disappearing.

You may start out a bit heavy or chunky, but you’re moving into a time when you were younger, slimmer, and trimmer. It’s like a reverse diet.

Hey, so far, so good, this all sounds pretty cool.

You enjoy life in a quiet retirement community and are planning to move into the city to get a job at top pay and full responsibility. Your career however transforms from the penthouse suite to the mail room. Wait, that doesn’t sound so great, does it? Not from this perspective.

And, I guess too that you’d have to gradually give up knowledge and wisdom and live into a time of being less wise and worldly, a time of less and less knowledge, of becoming more and more childish.

You’d also live in a world where you are less aware. Your world would contract as you lose more and more knowledge and experience.

Wow, looks like there’s a price to pay in either direction, whether you grow younger or you grow older. The clock is ticking in both worlds.

OK, let’s snap back into this reality, the one where we grow older.

Granted there are drawbacks to our timeline, but some good stuff too.

One of the best things about this timeline is that we get to carry our younger thinking with us. All the experience and knowledge gathered from our younger years is there for the long haul. And, even though it might get harder to remember it all, everyday we’re still accumulating both useful knowledge and experiences. It contributes to our wisdom.

Another benefit of this timeline is we get to plan and strategize. We co-create the future into which we live. That is, we and karma co-create. And, even in an uncertain timeline, we can be better prepared for our future.

So, are we built up-side-down? Or are we just unwilling to accept the world we live in and the way things are? Growing older is an important part of the journey, not to be missed. There is a precious opportunity for life fulfillment and inner satisfaction.

We all live our lives the best we can with the tools at hand and in the direction we're supposed to. And, since the clock is always ticking, we can take advantage of the growing older timeline by harvest our accomplishments, burying our regrets, and putting our dreams and desires into action.

The timeline system we have works just fine.

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Rick Lelchuk lives in North Central Florida with his wife, Lynn, and their two cats. He is the author and facilitator of the Authentic Ageing Workshops conducted locally, and soon to be available online. His mission is to transform the way we think about growing old to one of awed acceptance.

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