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I'm Sorry, Did I Upset You?

I feel like I must apologize to people whenever I bring up the subject of ageing. I know it is a subject that most would prefer I left in the shadows, but there is really no hiding from it, is there? Maybe I’m too blunt. I think bluntness happens as we mature, as we get wiser and grumpier.

It has certainly never been my intention to upset anyone with talk of ageing, but I’m sure it happens. To those of you I’ve upset, I apologize. To those who aren’t put off by the topic let’s continue.

You see, as an early baby boomer, I’ve chosen to live this part of my life, the latter part, fully aware and prepared for whatever lies ahead. And, silly me, I figured there are others out there who might feel the same way. Others who might also want to have a deeper, richer connection with their inner self and be better equipped to face the home stretch.

But, it remains a challenge to discuss, and often I wonder what thoughts others have about the topic of ageing. Do they wish I’d shut up and go away? Are they interested but afraid? Too busy to be engaged in foolish talk? Or, do they just think this nerd needs another dab of Brylcreem.

Why would anyone want to put their attention on ageing, on the unknown future? Well, selfishly, that’s where I am in life, and by each shared conversation I am reinforced that I’m not alone. I’ve also learned that because we don’t like to talk about the ageing process, seniors are pretty much left to figure it out on their own. However, they don’t have to. So, I think it’s time to stop apologizing for bringing up getting older. Nobody likes taxes, but we talk about them all the time. I know, not exactly the same thing but you get the point.

Growing old has never been hidden from us. As a kid that’s all we wanted – to grow up. We knew it was happening. Afterall, ageing as natural a process as being born and growing up. You’ve got to wonder why people are so surprised when it happens to them. Snap, Poof, you’re old, and… mostly unprepared.

Might I suggest to that living through this last part of life is best done with authenticity, being genuine and true to oneself. Acceptance that there is less road ahead than behind doesn’t have to be a shock. Being aware of this natural order of things is a comfort and a path toward inner peace and tranquility.

Additionally, and I won’t apologize for this, I’d also suggest that with the time we each have remaining we strive to be fully aware of our happiness. And, that we find the joy in everyday you are gifted. That’s the intention I’ve set for myself. How about you?


Rick Lelchuk, Facilitator, Suddenly A Senior Workshop Learn more CLICK HERE.

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