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Attention Seniors: Don’t Let 2020 Distract You!

No one will argue that 2020 has been one hell of a year, one that we will all remember vividly for a long, long time. As a senior, in the latter part of my life, 2020 will rank as most memorable, most disconcerting.

Now, I’ve never been fond of roller coasters, but this year offered no alternative but to ride one. Get on the ride, buckle up, and hold on! There wasn’t much of a choice, you either rode the ride or you rode the ride. You could say it’s like Father Time’s ride – you get a one-way ticket and you’re in it for the long haul, no choice.

The year 2020 will be highlighted in the history books as a great turning point and we got to live through it. We’ve seen the destruction of the greatest economy in the history of the United States. We’ve lived through a global pandemic, watching as each country dealt with the bug the best way they could. We’ve also had a ring side seat to the very real battle for the leadership and the future of the United States. As of this writing, none of these events have been resolved.

There is something important to learn from the year 2020 that especially relates to those of you as seniors. Simply put, no matter what has happened or what is going to happen in the world around you, you continue to age, the clock continues to tick away.

What does that mean to those of you in this final quarter of your lives?

It means that regardless of what’s happening on the outside you must rely on yourself to make the absolute most of every day. This is a special time in your life, don’t let 2020 distract you from it’s importance.

Keeping your wits about you within such turmoil is a testament to the resilience of the human spirit, to your spirit. Whether you like what has happened this year or not makes no difference. You must still deal with your individual circumstance and make the best of it.

Choose your battles wisely. Those things you can alter should be altered. Those things over which you have no influence should merely become a part of your awareness and acceptance. It doesn’t matter how you feel about what’s happened. It has happened, it’s in the history books, and no one can go back and change what is done. Your focus needs to be on finding your personal inner peace for the journey yet ahead without distractions.

Look forward with good cheer, with love upon your heart. Embrace these winter years caring for yourself first like no one else will.

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Rick Lelchuk lives in North Central Florida and is the author and facilitator of the Authentic Ageing Workshops. “Suddenly A Senior” is now available online. (Learn more here.) His mission is to transform the way we think about growing old to one of awed acceptance and inner peace.

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