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Ageing is No Joke! Actually… It Is!

The best ageing joke I’ve heard lately goes something like this:

My memory is so bad I could probably plan my own surprise party.

Bada Boom!

Ageing* jokes have been gracing us for a long, long time. I’ll bet you’ve laughed at a few. I know I have.

Growing old was always about someone else, never about you or me, so it was OK to chuckle about it. It was a nervous chuckle for a reason. Behind every joke is a foundation in truth. It’s little wonder why only a few of us ever look behind for the deeper meaning and understanding.

But, having a sense of humor is a great way to go through life. Don’t you think? For me, it’s the only way. With what’s going on out there, I’m happiest when the news is off.

Getting older is fertile ground for much humor and laughter… and much truth. Wait, I’m saving a humorous twist for the end that you’re gonna love.

Now, give me a moment to sidetrack here. You know there is a difference between growing old and growing older. Yeah, think about it.

We all grow older ever second of every day. It’s the inescapable truth about all living things in this world - growing older happens. Growing older is a process, a step by step function of time. The starting place is basically the same for us all, the instant of conception. From that moment forward you grow older, we all do.

However, beyond conception no two of us live the same life. We don’t travel in the same footsteps. We don’t end life in the same way or at the same time. It is impossible to comprehend the factors that affect each of our paths. We really do live individual journeys.

But, growing old is different than growing older. Growing old is a concept. And, concepts are subject to distinctive interpretation. And, since we are all individuals the definition of growing old could have 7 billion plus versions. It’s all made up anyway and the only opinion that really matters is yours.

So, add a little humor to your life. A good laugh will keep you young minded and happier.

Oh, yes, I promised you a real ageing laugh. So, here it is. Making fun of old people is something that mostly young people do. Older people are easy targets and there’s so much material to work with. Here’s the thing, each of those making fun of old people are, if they’re lucky, going to someday be old too. The joke is really on them. Tick tock!

*Ageing vs Aging

No, it’s not a typo. According to the dictionary "ageing" is an acceptable spelling. Additionally, with the word "age" spelled out, the word "ageing" honors the purpose and spirit of Authentic Ageing.

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