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A Very Exclusive Club...

Apologies for the long absence. Guess we’ve all been dealing with certain life changes in our own way. My writing muse had also taken some time off. But, we’re back!


I belong to a very exclusive club. You might belong to it also. We’ll see.

A very exclusive membership…

Haven’t we all wanted to be in with the “in” crowd” at one time or another? Popular, liked, and needed? A member of a select special group of people? We all know that membership has its privileges. The group would be kind of like the TV show Cheers – The Club is where everybody knows your name and they’re glad you came. Guess we could all use a little bit of that home spun familiarity these days. But, I digress…

To become a member of this group you must meet certain qualification, and not just anybody can join at any time. Funny, at some point everyone joins. Membership is not age dependent, but age helps. You must have gone through a membership initiation. Everyone’s initiation is different, individual, but surprisingly the insight from the initiation is the same.

The Club charges dues for entry, and interestingly enough dues are not a set price, or pro-rated. They change from member to member. Dues for a lifetime membership are paid in advance; and they are paid in varying installments over time.

The Club’s members join at a very special time in life and each member brings their certain wisdom to the group forged from their own experience and longevity.

There are no official positions in The Club, no governing body, no chapters, no newsletter, and no official Internet presence. Actually, it’s a secret club. It is so secret that most members don’t even know they belong. And, those who do know they belong don’t say much about it.

A club is defined as a group of people with similar interests that usually gathers in some manner to share and exchange ideas, experiences, advice, etc. Members may have common interests in a number of arenas.

What IS this club?

The Club is a silent a group of persons sharing a particular demographic characteristic. In this instance, it is a community made up of those in the latter part of their lives.

Members are initiated by having had “that moment.” There is no set rule as to when “that moment” should or shouldn’t have happened. It can happen at almost any adult age. When you have had that ah-ha moment you’ve become keenly aware that there are fewer days ahead of you than behind.

It is a defining moment in time when you get real with yourself, become authentic, and honestly accept a fact of life that you’ve probably been avoiding. It’s that jolt you get when you accept that you have entered the latter part of life’s journey. When you embrace it, something shifts within you and certain perspectives change. I like to think for the better.

All along you’ve been paying The Club’s dues. Over your entire life your experience, both the bad and the good, and your maturity have been The Club’s currency. Isn’t it nice to know you’ve already paid most of your dues to The Club?

So, if you’ve had “that moment” already, welcome to The Club you didn’t know you belonged to. And, if you haven’t yet had your moment, we’re here for you when it happens. (But, don’t take too long, you know we’re not getting any younger!)

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