Celebrating Being A Senior! Living ALL of Life Fearlessly!

"The longer I live, the more beautiful life becomes."

~Frank Lloyd Wright

What is Authentic Ageing and Who Is It For? 

If you are close to retirement, already retired, or consider yourself a senior, then this is a good place to be.


Here we look at those senior years as a very special time in life. A time to celebrate lifelong achievements (we all have some), a time to enjoy (no time clock to punch), and a time to find our inner peace.


As a retiree or senior your day-to-day routine changes, and so too does your thinking. It must. Now that your time is finally your own, you get to plan your day, your week, your month. You get to do whatever you choose, just like you wanted all along.


There are some key things to know and understand about this time in life that no one else is going to share with you. But, we will. That’s what we’re all about.


We don’t talk about finances, funerals, insurance, real estate, or medical issues. There are plenty of people willing to help with those areas of concern.


What we do talk about is changing your point of view, the way you think, about being a retiree or a senior for the better.

Authentic ageing, learning how to embrace the later stags of life


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The Enjoyment Years!

How To Make Those
Retirement Years Really Count? 

Up to now you’ve been busy raising families, building a career, managing relationships, and successfully making your way through the maze of 20th and 21st Century living. Your days turned into months, and the months into years... and, well… you know the rest of the story. And, now here you are retired or almost retired. 

A fortunate retiree could spend as much as 25% of one's entire life as a senior. If you think now is a terrific time to be honest and true to oneself, then this site could be for you.  

If you’re excited (or admittedly maybe even a little apprehensive) about the mysteries of being a senior or a retiree, then visit this site often as we celebrate being retired and a senior. Join our Facebook group at 


*Ageing vs Aging

According to the dictionary "ageing" is an acceptable spelling. Additionally, with the word "age" spelled out, the word "ageing" honors the purpose and spirit of Authentic Ageing.